Ebay is an online auction and shopping website in which people and businesses buy and sell a broad variety of goods and services worldwide.

This film conveys the work carried out by their European Product Development team.

Light IQ

Light IQ is one of the leading independent lighting consultancies in the UK.

This film conveys the philosophy of the company and shows examples of their work.

Seven Scent Brand Video

Seven Scent have been operating for 25 years, supplying perfumes for a wide variety of consumer products categories and in most of the continents of the world.

In this corporate video we see employees from Seven Scent discussing the values of the company and the types of equipment that they use.


Adobe has revolutionised the way we work, enabling millions of people by making the transfer of text and images simple via the internet. Adobe products are everywhere and surround us on a day-to-day basis.

In this video we find out the history behind Adobe and how the company has grown. It discusses how the company relies on being innovative and bringing new products and solutions into the market place.

American Express

In 2010 American Express celebrated its 160th birthday. They put their success and longevity down to their ability to adapt to changing environments and the constant evolution of their company.

This film conveys American Express’ excellence in successfully predicting future trends and adapting their company accordingly. A current trend they identify is the shift in what consumers value; from material possessions to intellectual possessions, e.g. knowledge and skills.

Howard De Walden Estates

The Howard de Walden Estate manages over 90 acres of some of the most prime real estate in London with an asset value of over £2 billion. Throughout the last ten years the area has become highly desirable and it is testament to these techniques that there are usually very few properties available to let on the Estate.

In this video their Chief Executive discusses the growth of the company and their business strategy. We see what they intend on doing in the future and get a glimpse at some of the areas and properties that the Howard de Walden Estate has to offer.

British Land

British Land is one of the largest real estate companies in the UK. Beautiful architecture and energy efficient buildings are not mutually exclusive. Furthermore, the market trends indicate that the latter will become increasingly important. British Land are well positioned to meet these needs.

This film conveys the message that not only is it a leader in creating energy efficient buildings but also that it is commercially viable to do so. We see how the company are meeting the demand of sustainability and how they have a competitive edge as a result.


SunPower manufactures the worlds most efficient solar panels to utilize the power of the sun for homes, businesses and governments.

This film illustrates how they continue to innovate their business and how their products utilize world class, state of the art technology giving proven Return On Investment (ROI).

Corporate Video Production

Shaping your corporate video message for targeted audience response

Corporate video production has changed for the better. You no longer have to choose between “cheap but bland”, or “great but completely unaffordable”.

At the same time, the rise of fast Internet connections, improved technology and ubiquitous social networks have empowered audiences and changed expectations.

A new kind of audience is demanding a new kind of corporate film

  • Companies are learning that it is important to show their personality
  • Engaging messages are more valuable than formulaic sales pitches
  • The secret lies in understanding your audience, and knowing what they respond to

Have a look at the examples on the left-hand side to see how we’ve helped companies of all shapes and sizes achieve these goals.

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“The production itself was effortless. Every step of the way, we were met with professionalism and enthusiasm by the entire TRACC Films team.”
Simon J Pearce, COO, Brightside Group Plc

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Making a great film is just the start.

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