"...174,518 video votes..."

Case Study

The European Business Awards (EBA) has fast become the pre-eminent business competition in Europe. It attracts the support of Prime Ministers, leading academics, business luminaries and has become the accolade businesses want in their trophy cabinet.

So how do you make even better? The challenge was to increase engagement with its entrants and alumni in a meaningful way, increase entries and create stellar brand awareness.


The EBA came to us. The brief was simple: get even more visibility for entrants and sponsors on a small budget.

We started by taking the time to understand what entrants were looking for. We found that they wanted to find more ways to shout about their success in this great competition and were open to ideas on how to achieve this.

We landed on an idea...


The idea was to introduce a new view entry phase with a public vote into the competition. We came up frameworks, video entry guidelines, help with the technology on their website, templates to promote the films and a PR and distribution campaign. It required a huge amount of work but the results were amazing.

For the entrants it gave them a vehicle to communicate their success.

For judges it brought added richness to the judging process.

For sponsors it enabled them to align even more closely with promoting European business success.

For the EBA it brought excitement and differentiation and even greater visibility.


We designed the EBA video entry platform to enable entrants, sponsors, the media and the EBA to drive targeted visitors to the site (network effect). We encouraged the EBA community to maxmize their marketing channels online and offline; from social media to events and everything in between.

Natural competition of the awards added to frequent communication to maintain engagement led to huge amounts of activity and stunning results:

For the entrants it brought enquiries from customers, partners and potential investors...one company participating was even purchased by another as a direct result.

For sponsors it brought increased brand awareness.

For the EBA it brought excitement and differentiation and even greater visibility.


And for the EBA did the content marketing strategy work? Well judging by the Cheshire cat grin on the EBA faces…we think so.

- 174,518 video votes of EBA entrant films
- Over 600,000 new visitors to the EBA site in a six week period
- Over £6m in media coverage

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