"...25,306 video views..."

Adrienne Topping, Group Marketing Manager

“Tracc have done a fantastic job for us throughout the entire project lifespan; from research and planning, to filming the video, followed by the distribution campaign. This has provided us with an incredible ROI, which has far exceeded our expectations.”

The Midshire Group...

...is one of the largest independent office technology resellers in the UK. Their primary communications goal was to reach a new & existing audience with a product launch.


Through in-depth research, targeted conversations and a carefully structured questionnaire we were able to establish two key themes for the film:

1: to convey the firm's re-positioning within the market-place; from a supplier and maintainer of photocopiers to a provider of bespoke office technology solutions

2: to shout about their product launch

Once the themes of the content had been agreed upon our attention switched to reaching their target audience.


The Tracc team developed a film script around these two key themes. With an experienced broadcast television director at the helm the film was shot in one day. It was comprised of interviews with key Midshire personnel, major clients/partners Ricoh & Siemens and engaging footage of the company at work, with a voice-over telling their compelling story.

The first cut of the film was sent to the client for amendments and once those had been made the pictures were graded, the sound mixed and the final cut was completed.


The objective of the distribution campaign was to reach the client's target audiences and to drive visitors to the Midshire site.

The main challenge was the relatively diffuse nature of this audience. Given this, we proposed targeting a handful of specific industries to focus resources and minimise waste: 

- Industries: HR, Recruitment, B2B, IT, Legal & Finance
- Job titles: primarily decision makers

We targeted these sectors and job titles in two ways: contextually by seeding the film on relevant sites, such as office technology related sites, and secondly via audience cookie data by targeting individuals according to their unique web activity, e.g. those holding positions of responsibility in the aforementioned industries.


The result?

25,306 views delivered across the UK over a 2 week period & reaching a highly engaged audience:

- On average viewers remained engaged with the video for a significant amount of time, suggesting we were reaching the right audience with the right conten

- 249 clicks from the film through to the client's site (generating a Click Through Rate of 0.73%, which exceeded the benchmark of 0.61%)

- Key placements on niche and generally relevant sites

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