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The Daily Telegraph Business Club – Film Proposal

The Daily Telegraph Business Club is seeking to expand the video content on its extremely successful website
Tracc Films have been brought in to develop and produce the films.   

Each three-minute film is a mini-documentary which focuses on one company and looks at its business strategy, what has made it successful and what differentiates them from the competition.   

From a Telegraph Business Club perspective...

The films are designed to be engaging, informative and to provide interesting business insights for visitors and members of the Club. Each film is compellingly narrated and will include interviews with senior executives who will identify the strategy and passion of the business as well as filmed general views of the company at work.   

It generates additional high quality content for the Telegraph Business Club site which attracts more visitors, and for you, creates a compelling and persuasive piece of marketing collateral which produces excellent exposure and endorsement of your firm across the UK business community.   

'For the second year running, The Daily Telegraph and are the number one choices for senior business leaders according to a You Gov survey'

the proposition


companies that have featured in the telegraph business club series


The Telegraph Business Club’s commitment to you :

A powerful endorsement of...

·   Your firm with the Telegraph Business Club telling the  rest of the business    
    world why your organisation is so exceptional.   

·     A highlight in the Telegraph Business Club page in The Daily Telegraph that 
     your film is live.   

·     The film will be featured for 6 months on the Telegraph Business Club 
      website and promoted on the homepage for one week  from launch. 
      This is situated within the Finance section of The Daily Telegraph website            which has 2.3 million global and  1.1 million UK users per month   

·    The film will be supplied in a format that will enable you to use it for a wide        range of marketing purposes. As it is such a  substantial endorsement of              your firm, it would be ideal to feature prominently on your website.                        Additionally, it would provide  extremely effective marketing material for           clients, prospects and potential recruits.

Each film

·  With related editorial content, is hosted on a specific, search optimised page     playing your film (with a web-link to your website/dedicated landing page        and call to action route) has a PR value (at £7,275 per minute) of £39,650.
·  The PR value of two advertorials promoting your film alongside a picture of      one of your spokespeople within the Daily Telegraph newspaper             (approximately 1.9 million daily readers) plus a highlight in the weekly         Telegraph Business Club email newsletter (sent to approximately 60,000     subscribers) is approximately £19,540.   

·  Produced by a well-respected team of top quality  documentary film       directors, the film will present a compelling and engaging picture of your       firm.   

·  We fully appreciate that your time is precious so we always ensure that the        production and filming process takes up as little of the senior executives             time as possible.


what the featured companies say

The total

Package value of filming, hosting and operations is £22,500.   
However, you are asked to contribute only the production and distribution costs of the film - £15,775 which includes filming at your premises and a master copy of the film for your own marketing purposes.

client quote

  • "…enquiries increased by 20%. That’s a significant jump because those leads are worth a lot of money to us. Value for money…it’s unprecedented"


next steps

The medium of film will work very well in showing the passion, professionalism and vibrancy of your firm.   

We are only able to make 15 films in the current phase and have been given 38 organisations to contact. Our initial response suggests that more than 15 companies are going to have films made therefore we have agreed with The Daily Telegraph to allocate the slots on a first come, first served basis.  

Please or call a member of the team on 0207 234 3540

Let us help you tell your story!

Why did the telegraph choose to partner with Tracc films?

Experience has...

...taught us that successful digital marketing campaigns have the same four elements. This is what we preach to our clients, because we know it works:

- We help you understand your audience
- We make great content to engage them
- We get it watched by them
- And we measure the results

the tracc way