Tell your company story... 30 seconds

Could You Explain Your Company In 30 seconds?

Our guess is the first time someone meets you and asks ‘what do you do?’ you don’t launch into a 5 minute monologue with 1001 points (well at least I hope you don’t!).

Hopefully you would give them a short overview of what you do (think of an elevator pitch) which then gives them the chance to ask more questions and to delve deeper.

Well, this should be the same for your website.

It’s OK to have the 5–7 minute all-singing, all-dancing video that goes into some depth, but FIRST serve them a much shorter overview film that engages quickly with potential clients.

A 30 – 90 second film that simply and clearly tells the audience, the who, what and why about you will be much more powerful and will help first time visitors stick around and ask more questions. We call this type of film an ‘At a Glance’.

To see what we are talking about please watch the film which we made recently for Eneco. The great thing about this type of film is it is also more shareable for social media and you could use it on your LinkedIn company page, Facebook etc.

So have a look at your site and if someone visits your ‘About Us’ section, or lands on your homepage, what are they confronted by? Have you introduced yourself properly?

We suspect you spend a lot of money on trying to get prospects to notice you so it is important to make a good first impression.


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